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Frequently Asked Questions:

So you have some questions about massage therapy or A Muse Sings in particular? Perhaps your question is shown below. If not, feel free to e-mail Brenda at

This is my FIRST mass​age. What can I expect?

Expect to relax!

First and foremost I want you to be comfortable with what takes place. You should know that your massage time is yours alone and to have the best experience possible it is important to communicate. When booking your first appointment, please come about 10 minutes early. There is a short health history to fill out. This will give me some background on your health and well being and will be the foundation that will guide the course of your treatment. There are times massage is contra-indicated. Your health history will provide me with the information needed to provide you with personal care.

Expect comfort.

Ladies, there is no need to do your make-up before, or your hair. Leave the jewelry at home, or remove before you lay on the table. Undress to YOUR comfort level. Most people remove everything but their undergarment, while others remove all their clothing. Since you will have a sheet and/or blanket covering you (except the areas being worked on) the choice is up to you. What ever creates a more relaxing environment for you.

Expect pampering.

My room has soft lighting and music. I don't play Enya (although I love her). I just find that instrumental music is more soothing to most clients. No loons, whales or chants. If you prefer to bring your own music, please do. I have a standard CD player and am happy to oblige. I have had clients listen to Opera to Jethro Tull - it's always fun to see where the music takes us!

Expect professionalism.

I've worked hard for my Ohio State License and am proud of my continuing education and activism in my profession over the years. At no time will your privacy or comfort levels be compromised. I've been practicing massage therapy since 1997 and have been in leadership roles in our professional organizations and in my community. I believe you deserve the best care and treatment - that's what I demand for myself, and I wouldn't give my clients anything less.

Can I get a same day appointment?

You can try - it's always best to have an appointment, but the real world doesn't always work that way. Sometimes an injury or acute stress can't and won't wait. Please give us a call, if we CAN, we will get you in. But the times you can book ahead please do! 

May I schedule an evening or weekend appointment?

In 2007 I decided to limit my hours to M-F from 10:00 am - 3:30 pm.

I know this is difficult for many clients who call up and say 'But I WORK!' - well, I do too! I have two businesses and found that making that 'exception' for evenings and weekends soon turned into burnout for me and crummy massages for the people who were booked late in the day. So, I took my own advice and set boundaries. I think you will find that your massage booked with me will be one of the best you've ever had. Because I care about me and you. We both need productive business time, and pleasurable time with family and friends. I do hope you understand, and should you like a referral to another therapist who will work those times, I can help you out with recommendations.

What are your policies for booking appointments?

When I book your appointment I have set aside that time for you. I can't rebook it if you just don't show up - so please call me if you should have to reschedule or change your mind about a massage in general. It's okay. I just need to reallocate my time. If you are running late, please know that I may have to cut your appointment off at the scheduled end time - so I can keep on schedule for my other clients (or get out to get a bite to eat before the next one comes!) Your time is valuable and so is mine. Sometimes things are out of our control, but most of the time a phone call can do wonders and schedules can be adjusted easily.

Do you sell gift certificates?

I do! But again, I tell people about my scheduled hours. I would not want to disappoint someone who needed evening or weekends. That said, I am here most weekday holidays (except Thanksgiving and Christmas). I issue gift certificates for one year, but will honor past the expiration date if needed. 


These terms and conditions are for the benefit of both of us: You as the client and me as the Practitioner: By following these simple guidelines we will eliminate the possibility of any potential situation arising – and by 'situation', I mean a physical reaction to an oil or an oil ingredient that you may be allergic to; a new medication or medication switch that you have not informed me about causing a reaction, or any other example of a situation where I, Brenda Stansfield, LMT have not been fully informed about your medical history that later causes problems and necessitates further action.

I do rely on your honesty and openness at all times when discussing your past and present medical histories with me no matter how you may feel about it. Its purpose is solely so that I can accurately gauge and alter my therapy and massage treatments (and the ingredients involved with those treatments), accordingly to give you the maximum benefit. Some of the most benign looking oils and ingredients can bring about quite adverse reactions for some people, so to know all conditions of a person's medical life past and present is important – the knowledge of the information will protect you as well as me. Sorry for being all preachy and stern about it but it is very important.

Client Terms & Conditions: By booking and attending a treatment with me, Brenda Stansfield, LMT, it is taken as proof that you have read, understood and agree by the Terms and conditions as layed out here. You, the client agree:

1. If I am not able to make my scheduled appointment, I agree to cancel 24 hours in advance by telephone, email or text (not via Facebook or Twitter), unless I have an emergency, in which case I shall telephone Brenda Stansfield, LMT as soon as possible and leave a message.

2. If I missed a scheduled appointment and did not contact and inform Brenda Stansfield, LMT 24 hours previously, I agree to pay my appointment charge in full. I believe this is fair, I have booked Brenda Stansfield, LMT's time and to miss an appointment means she cannot rebook that same time slot in order to recoup the lost revenue.

3. I shall provide you, Brenda Stansfield, LMT, all of my health and medical information to the best of my knowledge, in full and agree to it being kept privately, confidentially and in the understanding that it shall never be passed onto or read by any third parties.

4. I understand that massage and other similar body-work treatments are therapeutic in nature and are NOT a substitute for medical examination or medical care. I agree to honor all existing and future medical practitioner appointments. I also agree NOT to stop any course of medication or treatment as prescribed by my local GP or other medical practitioner without first discussing this with them.

5. I agree to update Brenda Stansfield, LMT with information in regard to any changes to any ongoing medical treatments as these changes may affect my therapy treatments in some way.

6. I agree that any therapy or treatment given by Brenda Stansfield, LMT and/or A Muse Sings Inc. should not be used in place of conventional medical care. Always consult your GP or a healthcare professional for medical attention and advice. Brenda Stansfield, LMT is not a qualified general medical practitioner and any views or opinions expressed on topics outside of her acknowledged training should be treated purely as that and must not be acted upon before consulting your own GP or healthcare professional.

7. Brenda Stansfield, LMT and/or A Muse Sings Inc, Brenda Stansfield, LMT herself or anyone acting on her behalf do not assume or accept responsibility for a clients' healthcare needs. Any therapies you may undertake are done so voluntarily by you on the understanding that you have read and abide by the Terms and Conditions as set out above. (Updated 7/24/2014)


What's in a Name?

Everybody asks how we got the name A Muse Sings. So, I thought I would share my vision with you.

When I decided to start my Aromatherapy business, always knowing I would eventually add Massage Therapy, I gave much thought to what my business would mean to me. I chose the name A Muse Sings for two very good reasons.

First: A Muse Sings is a play on the word 'amusing'. I knew first hand that most people, including myself, needed to learn how to lighten up, cultivate joy and learn to keep their stress levels down. Aromatherapy was something tangible that helped me reach this personal goal. After I studied it in length, I was awed by the healing properties of plants. I wanted to share that knowledge with everyone! I wanted to help people to learn how to live healthier, less stressful lives - and do so naturally.

Second: Muses are daughters of Zeus in Greek mythology. They hold the keys to the arts, science, inspiration & knowledge. The very things needed to practice aromatherapy & massage successfully. In addition, when we celebrate, we sing! We give praise to what we have before us. (No, I don't sing when I give a massage, trust me you wouldn't want me to!) But I do celebrate every day that I get to wake up and do what I love. I am blessed. So you see, A Muse Sings is more than a company name, it is really my mission statement on the door. It is my promise to myself, my family, my clients and my employees to give thanks for one more day on this earth and another chance to spend my days with those I love and hold dear.

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